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Philippine Nurses Association Benefits

PNA benefits

Philippine Nurses Association is a professional organization in the Philippines established to promote the holistic welfare of nurses and to prepare them to be globally-competitive.

Benefits of the members.

  1. Assistance and Guidelines on matters concerning socio-economic we;fare and political rights.
  2.  Professional counseling and advice on rights of migrant workers for nurses planning to work overseas.
  3. Referral to technico-legal advice on administrative and labor cases whenever necessary. The PNA legal council is available for schedule of consultations.
  4. Access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities, with discounts, through seminars, training, workshops, conferences and other educational activities.
  5. Complimentary copy of the bi-annual issues of the Philippine Journal of Nursing (PJN) which can also be accessed online.
  6. Access to PNA reading room materials and information.
  7. Linkage to PNA website: www.pna-ph.org
  8. Discounted rate in the use of PNA dormitory.
  9. Mutual Aid worth Php 12,500 for lifetime members and Php 3,000 for regular members plus Php 3,000 burial fee.
  10. Recommendations for local and international grants/postgraduate studies for deserving PNA members.


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