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How to pay PRC fees in 7 eleven

how to pay PRC fees in 7-eleven

This guide you on how to pay PRC fees in 7 eleven. There are other option to pay PRC fees like Bayad center, Multipay and EC pay. You can choose any of those mode of transactions. I rather to choose 7 eleven because of much convenient and low fees. So I will tell you on how easy to pay PRC fees in 7 eleven.

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  • Go to the any 7 eleven branch nearest you.7-eleven-in-the-Philippines
  • Make sure that they have working KIOSK or CLIQQ MACHINE7 eleven cliqq machine
  • Tap click machine then bills paymentsPRC 7 ELEVEN PAYMENT
  • Look for PRC logo then tap.
  • Insert your Reference number, Contact number and amount of 520 PHP PRC-7-eleven-payment
  • Then click next insert your contact number again in case there’s a problem in your transactions.PRC-7-eleven-payment
  • Then click next OK and take the receipt.
  • Go to the teller and pay the exact amount.PRC-7-eleven-payment
  • That’s it then check after 5 mins. go to PRC website login and click existing transactions you will noticed that you are “PAID“. If not yet, just wait for a couple of minutes.PRC-7-eleven-payment
  • Then go to the schedule of your appointment. Don’t forget to bring your print stub and old PRC ID.


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